Living aboard

willow_readsIn the posts in this section we talk about living aboard. Clothing, bedding, keeping watch, the day-to-day tips for staying comfortable and content while crossing oceans, anchoring out, and living in other countries. This is also the section that may wax a bit philosophical, forgive me in advance.



PostsĀ on Living Aboard

water water everywhere
12 Ways of Saving Water on a Passage
remineralizing toothpaste
Remineralizing Toothpaste
Why Go Cruising: Adventure
Lots of ocean offshore
First-timer Account of Offshore Sailing
Importing Pets to Hawaii
Importing Pets to Hawaii
Life Aboard with Pets
Thoughts on the Perfect Dinghy
The Elusive Perfect Dinghy
Plastic Trash in our oceans
Reducing Plastic Onboard to be a Better Ocean Citizen
Hand Lotion
Cocoa Body Butter Lotion
Expat Hacks: Money and Communications for Travelers
Why Go Cruising: Finding the Real World
Watch schedules
Watch Schedules for a crew of Two Adults
Boat Stamp for Phoenix
Boat Stamp: Impress the Country Officials
Say No to Cotton: Get the right Offshore Clothing
Why Go Cruising: Self-sufficiency
Vivo ultra shoes provide a comfortable waterproof deck shoe for sailors
Best Choices for Shoes Onboard
lip balm
Lip Balm
7 Delightful Devices for Cruising Sailors
Make Yourself a Boat Card
What's in a Boat Card? Make Yours Useful & Memorable
Why Go Cruising: Living Inexpensively

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