Living aboard

willow_readsIn the posts in this section we talk about living aboard. Clothing, bedding, keeping watch, the day-to-day tips for staying comfortable and content while crossing oceans, anchoring out, and living in other countries. This is also the section that may wax a bit philosophical, forgive me in advance.



PostsĀ on Living Aboard

7 Delightful Devices for Cruising Sailors
lip balm
Lip Balm
Expat Hacks: Money and Communications for Travelers
Say No to Cotton: Get the right Offshore Clothing
Make Yourself a Boat Card
What's in a Boat Card? Make Yours Useful & Memorable
Lots of ocean offshore
First-timer Account of Offshore Sailing
Boat Stamp for Phoenix
Boat Stamp: Impress the Country Officials
Why Go Cruising: Self-sufficiency
water water everywhere
12 Ways of Saving Water on a Passage
Importing Pets to Hawaii
Importing Pets to Hawaii
Watch schedules
Watch Schedules for a crew of Two Adults
remineralizing toothpaste
Remineralizing Toothpaste
Plastic Trash in our oceans
Reducing Plastic Onboard to be a Better Ocean Citizen
Thoughts on the Perfect Dinghy
The Elusive Perfect Dinghy
Vivo ultra shoes provide a comfortable waterproof deck shoe for sailors
Best Choices for Shoes Onboard
Why Go Cruising: Finding the Real World
Why Go Cruising: Adventure
Why Go Cruising: Living Inexpensively
Life Aboard with Pets
Hand Lotion
Cocoa Body Butter Lotion

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